Chapter 15 Monthly Meeting: June 28th

Chapter 15 will hold their monthly meeting on Saturday, June 28th beginning at 10:00 AM. The meeting is held at Pok-e-Jo’s at 2121 Parmer, Austin TX.

The program for the session is a Craft Contest with prizes given for the favorite items that our members bring showing their talents in horological items.

Everyone is invited to come and enjoy great information and a good time with our members. For more information, contact Jay Holloway, Vice President at 512-294-7371.

NAWCC National Convention: June 18 – 21 Milwaukee WI

The NAWCC National Convention is being held in Milwaukee WI at the Milwaukee Convention Center on June 18th and running through Saturday June 21st.

The convention will have a great ‘mart’ with several hundred of table holders showing their horological items along with many interesting programs for everyone to learn more in areas they find interesting. There will be a Craft Contest with 37 entries from across the USA. We have several talented Chapter 15 members who have entered the contest and we look for them to bring back several 1st place awards for their efforts.

For more information please see