About Chapter 15

Chapter 15 continues to be a leader in the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.   At the National Convention in 2014, the chapter was awarded the honor of being “Chapter of the Year”.

Chapter 15 has the honor of having two of their members as Chairperson for NAWCC National Committees.   Pat (Patricia) Holloway is Chair for the Programs Committee and James (Jay) Holloway is Chair for the Craft Contest.  Many of our members belong to other chapters and they are active in these as well displaying the talents within our group.

The first meeting of NAWCC Chapter 15 occurred during one of the worst cold spells Texas had seen and is best represented in this article from the Bulletin of the NAWCC, April 1955:

In the face of one of the worst cold spells Texas has had this Winter, about 30 enthusiastic clock and watch collectors met February 13th at 10:00 a.m. in the Tally-Ho Room of the Raleigh Hotel at Waco, Texas. All were not members of the NAWCC but 4 or 5 evidenced their interest in the project by submitting applications for membership. As an evidence of the extreme interest felt in this project, one member, O. C. Bone, of Falfurrias, Texas, made the trip to Waco, a distance of 350 miles, by bus. To do this he had to travel all of the night previous to the meeting, attend the meeting all day Sunday, ride the bus home all night Sunday night and open his establishment ready for business Monday morning. To those of you in the East this represents a distance approximating that from New York to Augusta, Maine, or from New York to Pittsburgh. Others traveled distances nearly as great.

Regret is expressed at the unexpected death from a heart attack of A. L. Self, 1419 Clanton Street, Shreveport, Louisiana, who had been one of the most enthusiastic promoters in forming a regional chapter. Mr. Self died suddenly the night of January 30th. His buoyant spirit and cheerful letters will be missed. letters were received from 5 or 6 others regarding their inability to attend upon this particular date due to previous commitments. Enthusiasm ran high, and the hours from 10:00 a.m. to 12 Noon were used in effecting an organization; in drawing up an application to be presented to the NAWCC to form a regional chapter; and in electing a slate of officers. A letter of greeting from [NAWCC] President [Amos G.] Avery and a telegram of congratulation from Director Gibbs was [sic] read to the meeting. Nineteen signatures were affixed to the application for a charter, and at this point it was moved that charter membership be help open until the next meeting, April 24, 1955, so that those interested in becoming bonafide charter members be given an opportunity to do so. It was further decided to make application for Texas and the four adjacent states, namely, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, and call it the Southwestern Chapter of the NAWCC. As membership and interest grows perhaps each state will want to form its own chapter, but until such time the Southwestern Chapter will act as parent. A constititutional committee composed of the President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer was selected to review existing chapter constitutions and draw up one suitable for our needs for submission to the membership at the next meeting.

Officers elected for the first year were, Dr. H. R. Coats as President, Clinton A. McGlamery, 410 North Montclair Avenue, Dallas, Texas, as Vice-President and Program Chairman, and Otis D. Sale, Jr., 243 North Center Street, San Antonio, Texas, as Secretary-Treasurer. Temporary dues to cover minimal expense were assessed and collected. By unanimous motion, a telegram was sent to that Dean of American and Southwestern Collectors, George B. Davis of San Antonio, expressing sincere regret at his inability to attend this meeting, and wishing him many happy years of collecting in the future. When a constitution is finally adopted with provisions for doing so, it is expected to ask Mr. Davis to be our first honorary member.

Displays were many and varied. An especially fine display of watches was shown. interesting clock displays were shown by F. T. Jamieson, Minden, Louisiana; A. A. Adams of Dallas; Hal Claybourne of San Antonio; Clinton A. McClamery of Dallas; B. A. Crocker of Longview, and many others. The hours from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. were devoted to that pursuit most dear to all true collectors; inspecting each other’s “priceless treasures,” swapping yarns, and “hoss-tradin'” in general. Due to the necessity for perfecting organization at this meeting much time was consumed that hereafter will be devoted to the more interest objectives of presenting programs on horological subjects, and to more purely social aspects. An incidental result of the meeting was a raid on the antique ships, pawnbrokers, and second hand furniture stores in Waco, bulling the market and sending the price of clocks sky high!! Many had arrived the day before and scoured Waco in search of interesting items. Most interesting item found at an antique shop was a tall case with round dial opening by John Woods.