Southwestern Chapter 15

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors



Article I – NAME

            The name of the association shall be the Southwestern Chapter, Number 15 of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC).

Article II – PURPOSE

            This chapter is formed for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the NAWCC in all ways possible, and to bring local members more closely together for the study and enjoyment of time-pieces of all kinds.

                                   Article III – JURISDICTION AND ELIGIBILITY

            Any person who is a member in good standing of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) is eligible for membership in this chapter.

There shall be only one class of membership in the chapter, as in agreement with the NAWCC Constitution.


            The officers of this chapter shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

There shall be one Program Director in charge of Education and Workshops.
The Officers and the one Director shall constitute the Executive Committee of this Chapter.  Each member of the Executive Committee shall have an equal vote.

Article V – BYLAWS

            This Chapter shall, by the enactment of suitable Bylaws, provide for the election of officers, the length of terms, the place and conduct of meetings, the amount of dues, and such other matters as may be necessary.

The Bylaws shall contain nothing inconsistent with the Chapter Constitution or with the Constitution and Bylaws of the NAWCC.


            This Constitution may be amended at any time upon due written notice of such proposed change to the entire membership, at least 30 days before a regular meeting called for the purpose of effecting such a change.

A majority vote of those members present as such a meeting shall be sufficient to adopt or reject such change.



Article I.  OFFICERS

Section 1.  Duties

            The duties of Officers shall be the usual duties pertaining to those offices, and such other duties as may be assigned them by the vote of the members of this Chapter.  No Officer shall receive compensation for such services.

Section 1a.  Duties of the President

            The Chapter President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter.  The President shall have the final authority concerning the expenditures of any funds which the Chapter may accrue.  The President shall represent the Chapter at any function which requires such representation.  The President shall have co-signatory authority on any funds or checking accounts of the Chapter, coincident with and limited to the term of his Presidency.  The President shall monitor and supervise all Chapter activities, including but not limited to those assigned to other Chapter officers and Directors.  The President shall preside over the Executive Committee meetings .  The President shall preside over the Chapter business meetings until all old business is disposed of and the new slate of officers has been elected.

Section 1b.  Duties of the Vice President

 The Vice President shall, in the event that the President is unavailable, act as and perform those duties ascribed to the President of the Chapter.  Interim duties shall terminate upon the return of the President.

The Vice President may with the confirmation and approval of the President, during the annual meeting of the Executive Committee, designate additional duties to the incoming Chapter Directors as found in the sub-paragraphs  found in the description of the Director positions.

The Vice President shall be a voting member of the Executive Committee.  The Vice President shall serve as Meeting Director.


Section 1c.  Duties of the Secretary

            The Secretary shall be responsible for recording activities of the Chapter business meeting and the Annual meeting of the Executive Committee.  The Secretary shall be a voting member of the Executive Committee..  The Secretary shall prepare a current roster of Chapter members for the Annual meeting.  This roster will be made available to each member.  The Secretary shall be responsible for reporting to the membership by means of a monthly newsletter which shall be known as The Mainspring.  The Secretary shall keep records concerning all members and their current status and for collecting dues at the appropriate time of the year.  All monies collected will be turned over to the Treasurer for proper disposition.  The Secretary shall maintain records as to the Chapter members who have received meritorious awards from the Chapter or from the NAWCC.

Section 1d.  Duties of the Treasurer

            The Treasurer shall be the person responsible for maintaining the financial accounts of the Chapter and for all monies collected by the Chapter including grants, membership dues, meeting proceeds and all other sources of income.  The Treasurer shall be a voting member of the Executive Committee.  The Treasurer shall disburse Chapter funds with the approval of the President or the Executive Committee.  Such funds shall be used solely for the purposes of furthering the goals and objectives of the NAWCC and as part thereof the Chapter.  The Treasurer shall provide to the membership an accounting of Chapter funds both income and disbursements during the Annual Chapter business meeting.  This accounting shall be published in the next issue of the Chapter newsletter.  The Treasurer shall arrange to purchase any special presentation material, including service awards and certifications.

Section 2.  Expenditures

            All expenditures are subject to the approval of the President.

Section 3.  Reports

            Formal reports shall be made by the President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer once yearly at a regular Chapter meeting.  The annual report shall be subject to audit by a committee.

Section 4.  Term of Office

            The term for Officers shall be two years.  Officers to be elected at the annual meeting thus shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one Director.  The President must be selected from the current Officers or have a minimum of one year’s experience as a Chapter 15 officer or director.  The term of office shall commence immediately after the adjournment of the election meeting at which they are elected.

Section 5.  Committees

            The President may appoint specific committees at any time as may be required for the good of the Chapter.


Section 1.  Time and Place

            The annual election of officers shall be held during the regular annual meeting.  Other regular or special meetings may be held as the Chapter or the Executive Committee may determine.  Written notice of all meetings shall be given to all members.  The place of the regular annual meeting shall be selected by the Executive Committee two years in advance.

Section 2.  Elections

            Candidates for office shall be selected by a Nominating Committee consisting of the Officers of the Executive Committee and presented to the general membership for approval.  Officers may also be nominated from the floor.  That candidate with the largest number of votes shall be declared elected to that office.  In the case of a tie vote, the decision shall rest with the Executive Committee.

No member and/or members of an immediate family may hold the offices of President and Treasurer at the same time.

Section 3.  Vacancies

            Should a vacancy occur in the office of President, the Vice President shall succeed to the office of President.  Should vacancies occur in other offices, the President shall appoint a successor to fill the unexpired term, but such appointments shall be approved by the Executive Committee.


 Section 1.  Duties

            The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of this Chapter.

The Executive Committee shall be the custodian of any property of the Chapter and shall have final authority to determine all questions of policy and procedure not otherwise provided for in these Bylaws.

Article IV.  QUORUM

            A majority of the Chapter members present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.   A majority of the Executive committee, or of any committee shall constitute a quorum.

Article V.  GUESTS

            Only NAWCC members in good standing and members of their immediate families are eligible to register for a meeting.  Guests may be registered with the following restrictions:

(1) One guest per registered NAWCC member shall be allowed in the Mart Room for one (1) day meetings only, and they may not attend at any other time with the following exception:

(2) guests may attend all lectures, workshops, demonstrations, exhibits, luncheons, banquets, as well as any tours or entertainment which may be arranged, provided they are registered as guests of a member in good standing.  Registration fees for a guest will be the same as for a Chapter member.


Section 1.  Fiscal Year

            The fiscal year for the Chapter shall begin on the first day of May and end on the 30th day of April.

Section 2.  Procedures

            The procedures of the Chapter, Executive Committee and other committee meetings shall follow and be governed by Roberts Rules of Order in all matters not specified by these Bylaws.

Section 3.  Dues

            The annual dues shall be $15 for the first family member and $10 for the spouse.
The amount can be changed as expenditures require upon approval of the membership.

Section 4.  Life Membership

            To be eligible for lifetime membership, an individual must have been a Chapter member for at least twenty (20) years.  Any member may nominate another member giving the reason for the nomination in several short sentences.

Nominations should be sent to the President by the end of August each year.  The President will submit the list of nominees to the Executive Committee for approval.  Lifetime members selected (up to a maximum of four per year) will be announced in October of each year and presented with a permanent record of their selection at the next annual meeting.


            These Bylaws may be amended in whole or in part, at any meeting of the Executive Committee duly called for that purpose, provided that no such amendment shall be effective until ratified and adopted by a majority vote of the Chapter at a meeting designed for this purpose.


Last amended: April 27, 2013 during annual Chapter business meeting.